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Our Investment Protocol

Based on your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk profile, we will recommend a portfolio that is suitable for you and your unique situation—balancing risk and return. We employ a strategic asset allocation strategy and emphasize portfolio re-balancing and mid to long-term market trend analysis. We carefully select from the thousands of investment management possibilities available today to help build a portfolio that meets your needs and is based on independent and objective research.

Investments are simply tools/vehicles to help you pursue your goals. Whether you are an individual investor, a trust fiduciary or a retirement plan sponsor your portfolio should be structured to provide the greatest probability of attaining your goals.

Our Portfolio construction is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Analysis is done to determine how much of each asset category (such as growth, income, or money market investments) should be held in relation to the other categories to maximize potential returns at different risk levels. All the possible combinations from conservative to highly aggressive “portfolios” are found along a spectrum known as the “efficient frontier.”

The efficient frontier means that for every level of portfolio risk, there are certain combinations of assets that strive to yield a maximum expected return. The optimal portfolio for you is that particular portfolio on the efficient frontier that seeks to maximize your potential return subject to your unique risk profile. Any strategy cannot assure an outcome. The market for all securities is subject to fluctuation, such that, upon sale an investor may lose their principal.

Portfolios are designed based on your risk tolerance so they can be as aggressive or conservative as necessary but all are based on several key factors.

  • Any investment strategy contains risk
  • Investment outcomes cannot be guaranteed
  • Investment values are unpredictable and may rise and fall with the markets
  • Minimizing unnecessary risk is an essential element of the portfolio design process
  • As an investor, you seek to be compensated for the level of risk you assume
  • Investors should not assume more risk than necessary to achieve their goals
  • Investments should be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis
  • Investments should be made once you have a thorough understanding of the reason for choosing each investment
  • If you can't sleep at night because of your investments, you are in the wrong investments

As independent financial advisors we are free to act as your objective advisor and advocate. When assessing your portfolio we use objective criteria to gauge the suitability of each investment.

Because we are independent we can advise you on the merits of each holding without you having to be concerned that we are selling or defending proprietary programs or research. Since our compensation is based on total assets managed rather than based on the number of transactions, we can objectively weigh the merits of each investment, making changes only because we believe they will contribute to the success of your investment strategy.

We can assist you with building a comprehensive portfolio that may include, but not limited to the following:

  • Fee-based asset management
  • Separate managed accounts
  • Institutional & retail mutual fund portfolios
  • Tax-advantaged investing
  • Fixed Income investments and bond portfolios
  • Fixed rate investments
  • Individual stocks and bonds
  • Alternative investments
  • Money market accounts
  • Real Estate programs

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.