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At Starr Financial, we serve successful individuals, families and businesses that expect excellence and have made a firm commitment to achieving it in their own endeavors.

Our clients:

  • Focus on their lives or their business, leaving little time for wealth management
  • Understand the importance of a comprehensive wealth management strategy
  • Are often quite capable of doing much of their own financial management but respect that professional management leaves time to pursue their own passions in life
  • Prefer to work with a professional advisor who acts as their personal advocate in all aspects of their financial lives.
  • Understand that managing their own money is as simple as cutting your own hair, but best left to a professional that has the training, experience, and (most importantly) a different perspective
  • Share in the realization that by coordinating and managing today's financial decisions they can better pursue their goals for tomorrow
  • In general, enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that they are working with one of the top wealth management firms in the country
  • Require their financial advisors offer access to objective research and non-proprietary financial programs
  • Primarily have investment assets in excess of $250,000

The people who typically benefit most from our services:

  • Successful in their lives
  • Have achieved a comfortable level of financial security
  • Focus on quality of life
  • Enjoy giving back to their community
  • Friendly, reasonable, open minded
  • Interested in Children's and Grandchildren's Life Issues
  • Focused on Family Wealth Planning and Preservation issues
  • Respected in their careers and in the community
  • Family oriented

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