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About Starr FinancialClients Who Benefit Most from Our Services |  15 Benefits Clients Enjoy

  1. We monitor the markets and the financial world and stay up-to-date, helping our clients navigate all the financial bombardment by the media.
  2. Clients receive an asset allocation strategy based upon their risk tolerance and their family's goals, not something generic.
  3. Clients have us as a resource (we probably know more about their financial situation than anyone) and we delight them on a personal level whenever possible.
  4. Clients receive objective financial advice, tailored to their unique situation.
  5. Clients receive assistance to help them solve problems, financial or otherwise, just for the asking.
  6. Clients have a comprehensive financial plan that we help develop and monitor.
  7. Clients have us as a “go-to” financial coordinator, simplifying their lives and bringing in outside experts that we have vetted when necessary.
  8. Clients stay organized and up-to-date with their financial documents through our assistance.
  9. When changes occur in the lives of our clients, we recommend adjustments to their investments, as needed.
  10. During the rough economic times, clients receive re-assuring and educational information specific to their situation.
  11. To the best of our ability, we help protect clients from making wrong investment decisions.
  12. We strive to make clients feel confident when working with us as we regularly monitor the markets and their investments.
  13. Clients receive assistance from us working with their tax advisors to help minimize the effect of taxes on their lives.
  14. We help clients to fully capitalize on the current tax environment and anticipate any changes in taxes for the future.
  15. Our clients enjoy Ritz Carlton quality service with FedEx level of efficiency.

Clients Who Benefit Most from Our Services