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The Private Trust Company, N.A., (PTC) provides trust administrative services for individual and family assets. Licensed in all 50 states under its 1995 national banking charter, the bank does not engage in any lending or deposit taking, therefore specializing solely in providing fiduciary services.

PTC is regulated and examined by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, a division of the U.S. Treasury Department, and is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank. Independent auditors audit PTC while its accounts are insured and bonded to protect client assets.

The Private Trust Company does not provide day-to-day investment management for trust assets. Instead, PTC allows clients to delegate money management services and maintain their relationship with the Starr Financial Group for investment management. PTC serves in an administrative corporate trustee role, providing all record keeping, accounting and tax preparation; also, PTC ensures that trusts are managed and distributions occur according to the terms of the trust document.

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